Sponsorship Opportunities - FLJC2021@gmail.com

Title Sponsor (2 available) - $1,000  Includes; Corporate table, Advertising/POS materials distributed at our Hospitality, our Bar, at Dinner Friday & Dinner Saturday, Logo on T-Shirt (BEST VALUE)

Hospitality Sponsor - $400 Includes; Advertising/POS materials in our hospitality room all weekend, logo on T-Shirt

Bar Sponsor - $400 Includes; Advrtising/POS materials in our bar area all weekend, logo on T-Shirt

Corporate Table (Friday Dinner) - $100 Includes; 4 hours to advertise to the attendees

Meal Sponsor (Saturday Dinner) - $100 Includes; Advertising materials distributed on all dinner tables

T-Shirt Sponsor - $20 Includes; Your name, message, or company name on the back of our reunion T-Shirt  (EASY PURCHASE)



Prize Donations - For a raffle (If your donation is valued at $1,000 or more, your company will be considered a title sponsor)